EMMY and GRAMMY Award winning married couple, Alisha Gaddis and Lucky Diaz, live a truly inspired life. Together the power duo are GRAMMY winners (multiple nominations) , are  EMMY winners (multiple nominations), a successful television show they co-created and star in, best-selling book series, national commercial campaigns, international tours with their band- and award, upon award.
Lucky and Alisha have been featured in/partnered with such powerhouses as: Coca-Cola, GAP, Target, Spotify, PBS, American Airlines, Whole Foods, NPR All Things Considered, CNN, USA Today, People Magazine, Sirius XM, and more. With their combined knowledge and professional experience as successful, thriving creatives- they now eagerly share and empower artists yearning to live a truly creative life (and get paid for it!).  Your business is your art and your art is your business!  

Lucky and Alisha have tried and true, step-by-step methods to unleash your inner creative and help you live your ARTIST LIFE.

ArtistLife is a concrete, action based program that empowers artists to meet their creative goals in the real world.

Lucky and Alisha both studied at esteemed higher education facilities (Berklee College of Music and New York University Tisch School of the Arts, respectively), and know the value of preparing for a career in the arts whilst under the guiding wing and safe haven of education.

But ArtistLife knows one can’t stay in the nest forever. 

After cultivating their artistic talents, students are thrust into the harsh realities of a fast-paced, quick consumption creative career.  The tools, skill set, and business acumen ArtistLife prepares your students so that they can succeed- not only creatively, but fiscally- thus living a full, thriving post- academic life.

Are you a struggling actor/playwright/singer/director/musician trying to make ends meet while working in your chosen field?

Are you a trained professional ready to blast your artistic career into high gear?

Are you a new artist fresh out of college and confused and scared as hell?

Are you sitting on a piece of work and don't know how to take it to the next level?

Is there an idea stuck in your brain and soul and you just want to make it?!

Are you a dreamer? A doer? A creator of things?


Then you-

Deserve to have your art in the world.

Deserve to be paid for your work.

Deserve to live an inspired existence.

You deserve an ARTISTLIFE. 

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