EMMY and GRAMMY Award winning married couple, Alisha Gaddis and Lucky Diaz, live a truly inspired life. Together the power duo are GRAMMY winners (multiple nominations) , are  EMMY winners (multiple nominations), a successful television show they co-created and star in, best-selling book series, national commercial campaigns, international tours with their band- and award, upon award.
Lucky and Alisha have been featured in/partnered with such powerhouses as: Coca-Cola, GAP, Target, Spotify, PBS, American Airlines, Whole Foods, NPR All Things Considered, CNN, USA Today, People Magazine, Sirius XM, and more. With their combined knowledge and professional experience as successful, thriving creatives- they now eagerly share and empower artists yearning to live a truly creative life (and get paid for it!).  Your business is your art and your art is your business!  

Lucky and Alisha have tried and true, step-by-step methods to unleash your inner creative and help you live your ARTIST LIFE.