ARTIST LIFE Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Johnson



Tell us your name, location and chosen media of work:

 My name is Jeremy Johnson. I live in the Central Valley in my hometown, Stockton California.  I love working with all mediums of art but my focus as of late, is dancing back and forth between pen and ink and painting. 

 What is your earliest creative memory? 

 My earliest creative memory was in kindergarten, when our whole class had to draw a flower with red petals and a green stem. Of course did the complete opposite and colored the stem red and petals green. When we finished our drawing, the kid sitting next to me with a look of horror, said "you can't do that!". It was from that point on, the pandemonium of my artistic journey began. 


 At what age did you decide to become a professional artist?

 I'm not sure I would consider my self a professional artist per say. I still juggle a laborious day job, to support the family and I fit the art in, when windows of opportunity open up. I'd say, within the past year, I have really made steps towards the professional end of being an artist. I'm still trying to figuring it all out. 

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Are there any other artists in your family?  Where they an influence on your work?

 My mother Mellissa Hays, is an artist by trade, with a focus ranging from watercolor, painting, to interior design. I'm pretty sure she planted the seed, for my love of color and design. My oldest brother Christian Johnson, is a successful, professional working artist, focusing around the human figure. He is currently my biggest cheerleader and driving force, to becoming a more professional artist.

Who or what is inspiring you currently?

 I find inspiration almost everywhere. Our children love drawing and I get a great amount of inspiration from collaborating with them.  For instance, when our kids were old enough to hold a crayon, they would scribble on big sheets of paper and I would find characters to pull out of their scribbles. It's an exercise recommend for all ages.  I do have a rotating list of top fiveartists, that influence and inspire me. Currently, these are some of my favorite working artists: 

1.Greg Simkins (Craola) 


3.Erik Abel (AbelArts) 

4.Erik Otto

5.Blaine Fontana. 

 What advice can you give other creatives out there? How would you recommend they start, monetize or go about finding opportunities?

 Stay inspired and never stop doing the things you love. Persistence in my experience, almost always wins. I'm in the thick of it now but I have a great art collective family (The 1850 Collective), that has been super supportive. If your just starting out in the field, I recommend going to local art shows or shows in more art rich communities. Connect with other artists who are working in the industry, that you may be interested in. Also, social media has made the people that inspire us, within reach to connect and get questions answered. Generally they are more than happy to answer your questions. 


Where can we see or hear your current work? 

 I am in the process of procrastinating putting my website together but in the interim, you can find my work on Instagram @Kolourlab or Facebook at "Kolourlab Studios". 

 Anything else you’d like to add?

 Your biggest critic is yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself. It can paralyze your progress. You ARE good enough! Critique your work with people you trust artistically. Make sure you don't take, what they say, personally. Its ONLY an opinion. In the end your product is the sum of YOUR creative decision making and your personal standard of honest quality. 

 Instagram: @Kolourlab

Facebook: @Kolourlab Studios

Facebook: @1850 Collective