It's never too late for your moment

By Lucky Diaz:

What a 2017 it's been already and we're only 5 days in! We're definitely witnessing huge changes from our friends and clients in the New Year. Yesterday was especially exciting and inspirational.

A dear friend delivered a set of twins, another decided to leave a "sure thing/big deal" gig for new uncharted waters, a friend walked away from the faith he'd known his whole life for a new spiritual quest.

And a huge one- one of our dearest friends received an official pardon after 20 years for a crime he didn't committed but served time in prison for. Imagine that. I certainly did as I received a text containing a photo with a caption that read: "look what came in the mail today". Both Alisha and I became quite emotional about it all. He worked tirelessly for 20 years, writing letters, making phone call after call. Being denied. Hearing no and no and NO. Finally, by never giving up- it happened. I was reminded about the power of determination. Beautiful. A moment I needed.

Later that evening, I came across the story of 105 year old Robert Marchand. Robert just broke a cycling record at 105!!! He cycled 14 miles in an hour. You can read the story here. 105 GUYS!!!

He was told by a coach nearly a century ago that he would never achieve anything in cycling. Yet a century later it's a trending news story. Here's his amazing smile following his achievement:

THIS DUDE! I mean come on! There are teenagers out there that can't ride a bike. Let alone ride one for 14 miles. THIS guy is my new spirit animal. Hands down. 

What does this mean to us? 

Well, I felt the universe speaking in a very profound way yesterday. Basically SCREAMING-Don't be afraid. Let's be brave. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. Ever.

Are you sitting miserable at some desk telling yourself  yeah "one day...", "Well i got kids, or this or that or the other thing." Excuses we all give ourselves (including myself). I'm not saying quit your day job. In fact, that would be a bad idea for many of you. That's a topic for another blog post. (There are many great books on that subject like this one.) But what I am saying is that we can make a choice today and BE BRAVE. 

Let's take a step today. Any step. Big or small Even drawing a line in the sand TODAY that says THIS is is my goal. I'm on my way. Your true self is out there. Let's go meet them. If we could each do one small thing towards our goal every day after a decade I'm going to guarantee that you'll be a lot closer to your destination than you are now. Most likely you'd arrive by then.

So let's all be THE Richard Marchand today. 

Ok, I'm off to Target to buy a bike.