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ARTIST LIFE Artist Spotlight: Genevieve Goings

The powerhouse that you are soon to read about is not only an INCREDIBLE singer, songwriter, performer, rapper, television personality, VO artist, BUT ALSO an entrepreneur, businesswoman, producer- AND advocate for girl empowerment, and literacy.  GENEVIEVE GOINGS is absolutely incredible.  She is one of those people that walks into a room and everyone looks because her light is so bright! She beams positivity, grace, and strength.  But she is also a hustler and hard worker.  And trust us- that perfect smile- it's real.  

We are glad to call her a dear friend, and YOU will be glad that she is now in your life!  Get ready to get inspired!

Here's what we asked her... 

Name: Genevieve Goings

Job title: Children's Entertainer, Producer and Voiceover artist

What makes you feel ALIVE!!!:  

Being on stage makes me feel alive, connecting with a live crowd and seeing little smiling faces and dancing kids!

What time of day are you most creative:

My creativity comes at all hours, sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night! I wish I could funnel it into one time of day and create a "normal" schedule, but ... "normal" is boring, right? :)

What is one of your creative rituals:

One of my creative rituals is to "freestyle" over a music track. If I am trying to write a piece of music or an idea, I will press record and force myself to perform whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes what I come up with isn't great, but sometimes that natural flow brings out cool new ideas!

Where do you look for inspiration:

This may sound funny, but I tend to look at what is needed in the world, or what is currently irking me, for inspiration. For example.... If I feel that little girls shorts are getting shorter and shorter?????? I will write a song about wearing pants and a tie. If come across a child that has lost his parent in a store, I will write a song helping them to memorize their phone number. 

What piece of work, that you created, brings you the most joy:

 I have a song called "All Grown Up" that is about sleeping in your own bed like a big boy/girl. To me this song is just so sweet, and embodies my style as an artist and my brand mission all in one! 

How do you balance art/work/family/health/spirituality/LIFE:  

Balancing everything feels almost impossible sometimes. I try my best to turn off the devices and be present at a certain time each night, and to not talk about "work" after a certain hour. It is difficult as an artist, however, when your brand IS you! I'm still working on this, so if you are an artist reading this, don't worry, we ALL struggle with this!

We know you are humble, but can you brag a little for us, pretty please!!  Brag? Ok.. haha

I was part of creating an idea that became a huge success on Disney Junior, and expanded into writing musical curriculum for Disney, voicing Disney Princess Stories, and hosting a show on Radio Disney Junior! I have had the honor of writing and producing for Fisher-Price, in a year-long project that re-vamped one of their iconic toy lines. I have read stories on the White House Lawn, toured the country, and performed for hundreds of thousands of families. I created a new brand for myself outside of Disney called "Do You Know?," sustaining my place in the Children's Entertainment business and teaching toddlers the fundamentals of life. I'd say I'm leaving my mark on the world! :)

Anything else we should know about you:  

My career began in hip-hop music and I have been featured on over 80 albums. Aside from hip-hop I also write pop & R&B music with other songwriters in LA. I have been on projects with Mos Def, Kenny G, and Mickey Mouse! What a random resume!

I am currently working on expanding the Radio Disney Junior concept, recording Voiceovers and touring for 2017. I released a Tie, Bow Tie, & suspender line for kids on in November and plan to expand into clothing in the coming year! My big dream is to create a performing arts camp that can be franchised and expand globally. (Can you tell I want to expand? I've used the word 3 times!)

Troy James Check Bow Tie.jpg


Where can we keep watching your awesome career unfold! 

Stay tuned on:



Snapchat: @genevievegoings

Twitter: @choochoogirl (school tour) 

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

No- Thank YOU Gen!  WOW!  



The Power of No.

By Lucky.

Last night, I finally was able to catch the Sharon Jones documentary on Netflix. Miss Sharon Jones- it tells the story of the incredibly gifted soul singer Sharon Jones and her fight with cancer (she recently died of cancer on November 18, 2016). She didn't cut her debut album until she was 40!

Much of her life was spent working other jobs and singing in a wedding band. She tells a story of how a Sony exec told her she was too fat, too short, too black, and too old to ever make it as a singer. I couldn't help but shed a tear when during the film she was dancing with Ellen and singing on a thanksgiving day parade float with her incredible band the Dap-Kings. SHE WAS A SUCCESSFUL SOLO SINGER!!  (All while fighting cancer no less). I mean, talk about not giving the hell up!! Seems Sharon Jones took all the No's and turned them into YESes.  

Sometimes, NO is the biggest YES you can eventually get. Which brings me to- 

The Power of No.

The Power of No is a real nuclear powerhouse of motivation to draw from. And chances are, it may be in ample supply from time to time. I know from being in the creative business for over 20 years that for every "YES" I heard, I heard hundreds of no's. (There a few "maybes" sprinkled in there and turning those "maybes" into YES's is another topic). 

Let's focus on how hearing No, No Thanks, I'm sorry, and other no derivatives can be turned into a positive experience. 

Growing up, I heard no all the time. From strangers, friends and family. In one shape or another. Some intended, others not. I also had a lot of unsung heroes in my life that really made a difference for me. For them, I am eternally grateful. But it was those that doubted me that gave me the most motivation to prove them all wrong. "No, you can't play music for a living", "You're a terrible singer and your song sucks." "You're ugly and fat." "You'll never amount to anything. You should consider joining the army." (Which is actually a total insult to the fine, bright men and women who enlist in the armed services.) These, and many more, I heard on multiple occasions. That doesn't include all the "No" I've heard (and still hear) for a pitch or submission, so on and so forth. But it was proving all the naysayers wrong that really (makes) made me get off my ass.

Let me say that again: proving all the naysayers wrong is what really makes me get off my ass.  I will turn their NO into MY YES.  

Turning NO into YES is your fuel. You'll make it happen.  WE WILL SHOW THEM!  (and ultimately show yourself). Channeling the motivation of proving them wrong and finding the wherewithal in yourself will win. 

Sharon Jones wasn't too old, wasn't too fat, or too short.  


Now get off your ass and go get some YES.  







Showing Up.

By Lucky: You guys! We're having a great time learning about your projects out there. It's exciting to learn and hear about what so many of you are passionate about and are going to achieve.

It's a blast getting involved and we're grateful that we're able to help our friends and clients with insight on how our know how can help.

This all said, I'm about to get real with you.

You're not showing up.

What? Yeah I said it.

There it is. 

Let me explain. I once had a great conversation with a very successful Los Angeles photographer. He shoots Film, TV, Editorial, Fashion, Celebrities all around the world. A person many of you aspire to become. Being a total geek about photography and yearning to know more about creative success, I asked him a very basic question, in which I expected a very typical answer to. I asked-

What do you think the key to your success is?

Without even blinking he said:

"I show up."

For a moment I was dumbfounded. I expected something of the sort like it's "blind luck" or "I work my ass off". Which are also variables in the success in the creative field (or any field for that matter). 

But showing up. Wow. Right- showing up.

He said, you'd be surprised how many times people don't show. Maybe I'm on set, the call time comes and goes. That PA who finally landed any kinda job in a professional show. That person maybe thought it wasn't "good enough" or just partied too hard the night before and said. Ah forget it, someone else can get the coffee.

But wait, in not showing up this person is missing out meeting this new friend who is also a PA but today's PA is tomorrow director and bam -there you go. But not only are they not meeting that one contact they are not meeting EVERYONE on that set that date. No one will remember how brilliant he was at grabbing that coffee, or that he was so passionate about this business and was willing to put in the extra time to grow. Nope. No one will know. they never existed. He might as well been Marty Mcfly in that picture from Disneyland... poof.

I mean let's look at these examples of showing up:

Remember that one time when you finally had the guts to talk to that girl or guy that you were in love with? Showing Up.

Or how about the other time you were determined to get that perfect house or apartment you found on Craiglist but a million other people wanted? Showing Up.

Maybe there was that audition you dragged yourself to, signed in and did. Even though you felt it was a waste of time. But you were there...SHOWING UP.

Did you land that guy or girl, get that house or part? Who knows?!  But what you did get is closer to your dream partner/dwelling/creative career JUST BY SHOWING UP. 

Many people have reached out timidly asking how our services can help them. We then reply back that we should schedule a time to chat about it directly and see what they want to actually do. Guess what? Many people don't set up the call. poof, Marty McFly style. poof.

I get it. It's hard to ask for help. We are raised in a society that looks at asking for assistance as a weakness, but that's another blog for another time.

But man, just imagine all the things we can get done if we simply showed up. It's actually not that hard. 

That guy was right. Showing up wins. Every time. 

And as badly as I wish, we don't have a Delorean to make it all ok when we don't.