Showing Up.

By Lucky: You guys! We're having a great time learning about your projects out there. It's exciting to learn and hear about what so many of you are passionate about and are going to achieve.

It's a blast getting involved and we're grateful that we're able to help our friends and clients with insight on how our know how can help.

This all said, I'm about to get real with you.

You're not showing up.

What? Yeah I said it.

There it is. 

Let me explain. I once had a great conversation with a very successful Los Angeles photographer. He shoots Film, TV, Editorial, Fashion, Celebrities all around the world. A person many of you aspire to become. Being a total geek about photography and yearning to know more about creative success, I asked him a very basic question, in which I expected a very typical answer to. I asked-

What do you think the key to your success is?

Without even blinking he said:

"I show up."

For a moment I was dumbfounded. I expected something of the sort like it's "blind luck" or "I work my ass off". Which are also variables in the success in the creative field (or any field for that matter). 

But showing up. Wow. Right- showing up.

He said, you'd be surprised how many times people don't show. Maybe I'm on set, the call time comes and goes. That PA who finally landed any kinda job in a professional show. That person maybe thought it wasn't "good enough" or just partied too hard the night before and said. Ah forget it, someone else can get the coffee.

But wait, in not showing up this person is missing out meeting this new friend who is also a PA but today's PA is tomorrow director and bam -there you go. But not only are they not meeting that one contact they are not meeting EVERYONE on that set that date. No one will remember how brilliant he was at grabbing that coffee, or that he was so passionate about this business and was willing to put in the extra time to grow. Nope. No one will know. they never existed. He might as well been Marty Mcfly in that picture from Disneyland... poof.

I mean let's look at these examples of showing up:

Remember that one time when you finally had the guts to talk to that girl or guy that you were in love with? Showing Up.

Or how about the other time you were determined to get that perfect house or apartment you found on Craiglist but a million other people wanted? Showing Up.

Maybe there was that audition you dragged yourself to, signed in and did. Even though you felt it was a waste of time. But you were there...SHOWING UP.

Did you land that guy or girl, get that house or part? Who knows?!  But what you did get is closer to your dream partner/dwelling/creative career JUST BY SHOWING UP. 

Many people have reached out timidly asking how our services can help them. We then reply back that we should schedule a time to chat about it directly and see what they want to actually do. Guess what? Many people don't set up the call. poof, Marty McFly style. poof.

I get it. It's hard to ask for help. We are raised in a society that looks at asking for assistance as a weakness, but that's another blog for another time.

But man, just imagine all the things we can get done if we simply showed up. It's actually not that hard. 

That guy was right. Showing up wins. Every time. 

And as badly as I wish, we don't have a Delorean to make it all ok when we don't.