From Page to Performance- Bringing your art to life.  Concrete, action steps to make your creative thoughts into REAL LIVE works of art.  One can apply steps to any format: song, theatre, film, tv, writing, journalism, performance art, etc. 

Branding and Identity- Become the archetype of your own identity and cash in on your iconicism. The days needing a big record contract or tv deal to make you a world wide sensation are over!  All you need is you!  Harness the power of basic marketing skills and social media to rocket your brand to success. 

The Show BUSINESS of you- Become the powerhouse CEO of your own Artistic Life. Run your artistic life like a big time movie studio.  Navigate the waters of negotiations, power brunches, deal making, and ultimately rise to the top with savvy business, social and life hacks .

From Idea to Emmy- Creating your own TV show. Stop waiting around for someone to make your work and you a star!  Showcase yourself and your art by turning your idea into an actual show ready for TV, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, or a worldwide film festival!  Make your dream REAL.

Make it Rain - Selling a song, book, show.. Don’t sit on your artistic work- get it out into the world!  Learn to SELL!  From writing a pitch, to hearing your song on the airwaves- use guerilla marketing techniques and business school basics to get your work seen, heard and cash in on your creative!